PETERBURG OPPENLÄNDER (PETOPP) is a national law firm providing quality & innovative legal services & business solutions to individuals & corporations in a changing world.  

We work closely with clients in Australia and internationally to overcome complex legal challenges.  We create possibilities that give you endless opportunities. 

We are transparent and ethical in all our dealings with clients.  We assist our clients to achieve results while managing risks.

We focus on the solution rather than the problem within the context of developing forward-thinking solutions that demand in-depth understanding of legal challenges faced by our clients, all of which help our clients stay one step ahead. 

Our approach is to combine the skills and attributes of our lawyers with a commitment to provide a professional and high quality level of service.

We do not draw hasty conclusions, rather we explore ways to bring success to our clients.  Where others see problems, we see possibilities. 

We combine our knowledge and experience to solve our clients’ most complex challenges, wherever and whenever they arise.   Our clients value advice that is practical and personal to them, and we pride ourselves on getting to the heart of their businesses.

We are easy to engage with and we take time to understand the distinct demands that each client faces.  That’s why we strive to foster open communication, because you need to get your message across.  We want clients to choose us for our quality work.  Our purpose is to fulfil the requirements of all our varied clients to their complete satisfaction.

Our culture, vision & values

We are down to earth, professional and we treat everyone with respect. 

We are flexible and place our clients’ needs at centre stage. 

We are creative and innovative in our approach we take to help clients make right decisions and achieve success. 

We think and work nationally and globally. 

We work wherever our clients need us.

We believe that the key to our success is the people who work with us — our people make our firm. 

We achieve excellence through team effort and a willingness to share expertise. 

We strive to be exceptional and we deliver best when working in teams — that is the spirit of our team. 

We are always open to challenge and to be challenged.

We are determined, and what drives us is hunger. 

We think differently and plan ahead.  We have a greater clarity of vision of what is required, and when we look at everything afresh — nothing is impossible.